Four Reasons Why You Should Avoid Unlicensed Contractors

Potential homeowners may decide to buy an already built house or build their own. The choice depends on wh
at one prefers. Someone who is very busy may prefer to purchase a home due to time constraints. Inspecting the construction may be difficult for such a person.

However, if you have time, constructing your dream home will be an excellent decision. You have a choice of the types of building materials to use. However, you can ruin your dreams by settling for a contractor who is not insured.

Before deciding on a contractor, ensure you have established their credibility and work experience. Most important, choose a contractor who is bonded and insured. If you entrust such an important project in the hands of a contractor who is not bonded you are likely to experience the following setbacks;

  1.    Low quality work

The reason you settled for constructing your home other than purchasing a complete one is to guarantee you quality. However, with a contractor who is not bonded, you may be shortchanged. Such a contractor could ruin your efforts of getting a high-quality house.

You cannot establish the competency of such a contractor either. The results may be disastrous for your family. Imagine spending a fortune on your project only for the building to collapse. You will be lucky if there will be no casualties. You can save yourself this by engaging a licensed and insured contractor

  1.    Building codes

Every locality has building codes. Licensed and insured contractors understand all the building codes within their locality. They therefore, will ensure they adhere to the building codes else, they will risk losing their license. Working with a licensed one will give you the assurance that building codes are followed, and the house is safe for occupation. However, a contractor who is not licensed or insured may not understand the building codes in your locality. In case anything happens, you will bear the responsibility.

  1.    Limited legal action

If you have chosen to work with a contractor who is not bonded, you cannot sue them in case of a dispute. During the initial stage, you sign an agreement stating terms of work and the duration the project is likely to take. If you the contractor fails to complete the work for one reason or another, the legal actions you can take against such a contractor are limited.

  1.    Compensation

An uninsured contractor will not offer you any compensation in case you require one. Should the building fail to pass the necessary building codes during an inspection, you will be on your own. If the inspector declares the building unfit for occupation, you will suffer the losses. The contractor may even go underground, and any efforts to trace him could be futile. In any case, you cannot press any criminal charges against the contractor.

Therefore, with this information in mind, do not become a victim of unscrupulous contractors. Use the right contractor to carry out the project for you and enjoy priceless peace of mind.

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