Epoxy Garage Floor Contractors

You’ve finally decided on an epoxy garage floor, but you don’t know how to go about finding the right floor coating contractor.  Pricing will be a consideration, but what other questions do you need to ask. If you go looking for the cheapest pricing and that is your only consideration, you will probably not be happy in the long run. This article should help you choose a trustworthy garage floor coating contractor for you.

Like with any project, there are going to be experts in epoxy coatings and there are going to some who aren’t so great.  So, you are going to want to do some research.  You will want to know which type of garage coating you are interested in.  You will want to also decide the colors you are interested in – solid color or flakes.

Once you’ve figured a general idea of the type and color of your epoxy garage floor, you will want to research the companies and contractors in your area.  The best place to start is on the internet and by asking friends, family and neighbors for recommendations. You will want to check their reputation.  You can do this by looking at reviews online, BBB or your states consumer protection agency.

Make sure they are licensed and insured

Ask each of your selected contractors if they are licensed.  Most states require it and you can look up the number they give you to make sure it is valid and associated with them. If they are not licensed, don’t hire them.

Next, you will want to ask them for proof of being insured.  Anyone that takes their business seriously and is responsible will have insurance.  Again, it is a huge red flag if they are not insured.

Past Work

You will want them to bring along pictures of past work – before and after pictures or perhaps they can refer you to a website with all of their projects.  If they can’t provide before and after pictures of several projects that could be deal breaker.  Every contractor should keep an up to date portfolio.

5 Year Rule

Ask them how long they have been in business.  If it is at least 5 years, then you know you are dealing with someone that is established and experiences.

Get it in writing

Make sure all contracts and warranties are in writing and be sure to read it.  Just because you like the company, or the contractor doesn’t mean you should trust them to keep their word when it comes to everything that has been agreed upon.

Flooring Products

You will want to find out about the company that manufactures the epoxy coating that they are installing. Ask what brand they use, how think each coating is that they apply. You should be able to speak with the company that provides the brand they use.  They usually have a rep from that company who works directly with them.

Prep and Installation

You will want them to walk you through their preparation and installation process. Ask them if they are going to blast the surface and fix any imperfections, cracks, etc before starting your project.  If you have large cracks or a lot of repairs, be sure to ask if there is going to be an extra charge.  You want your epoxy garage flooring to look amazing when it is completed.

Final Thoughts

You will want to know what they expect you to do before they begin.  Will you be responsible for getting everything cleared out of your garage.  Also, if it is going to take more than one day, make sure you ask if they are going to provide storage so that your items are secure.

Everything is negotiable.  Don’t let pricing be the issue.  If you like the contractor and the pricing is higher, ask for some of the extras to be thrown in.

The bottom line is… you need to be comfortable with the company and the contractor that is going to be in your garage and working at your home.  So, if everything is right, but you just don’t have the right chemistry…keep on looking.

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